Guernsey Tree Warden Scheme

Tree Wardens watering trees at Les Cotils - summer 2011-08-16

Tree Wardens watering trees at Les Cotils, summer 2011.
Image courtesy of Richard Lord.

The Guernsey Tree Warden Scheme is an initiative which aims to involve the local community in a range of tree related projects. The Scheme is jointly managed by the Guernsey Trees for Life and the States of Guernsey Environment Department and is free to join. You do not need to be a tree expert to be involved and membership is free.

Tree Wardens meet regularly for lunches at the Guernsey Yacht Club and get involved in aftercare such as weeding and watering as well as planting and supporting Guernsey Trees for Life’s own Little Tree Project. Their latest project is Treasured Trees which involves identifying and recording Guernsey’s best and favourite trees. For more information contact [email protected]

The Tree Warden Scheme is supported by the Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands.